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Maximum Memory Mastery

INFLUENCEMaximum Memory Mastery


Maximum Memory Mastery



You will learn to become a master networker with simple neuroscience-based strategies that optimize your personal and professional interactions


You will apply memory methods to become a master networker, someone who builds rapport and enjoys high credibility and trustworthiness


You will learn to apply memory skills to create and deliver powerful presentations, communicating key information in a way that makes it memorable to your audience


Maximum Memory Mastery is based on applied neuroscience and developed by the creators of the USA Memory Championship


Application of memory skills to address your most pressing real world business challenges


Because the training is flexible, you will learn the optimal memory skills that work for you!


Over twenty years of experience applying memory research and methods to drive results



Michael is a senior executive of the USA Memory Championship. He currently collaborates with the neuroscience department at MIT to ensure that the memory and learning principles included in the USAMC’s training are consistent with current research in the field.  He has also spent 20 years studying the topics of memory creativity and accelerated learning.