Maximum Memory Mastery – Presented by Michael Dottino

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Michael Dottino

Maximum Memory Mastery program developer and instructor

Michael is Chief Development Officer for the USA Memory Championship (USAMC).

Michael Dottino is responsible for the development of new products and services, including the online course Maximum Memory Mastery (M3), for the USAMC.  He spent the last two years developing the core curriculum for M3 and currently provides both personalized and classroom instruction of its material.  Industries represented by his clients include health care, hospitality, armed services, education, and fire prevention.

Michael collaborates with the neuroscience department at MIT to ensure that the memory and learning principles included in the USAMC’s training are consistent with current research in the field.  He has spent 20 years studying the topics of memory, creativity, and “learning to learn.”  He has recently published several articles on the integration of memory and business on Medium.

Prior to joining the USAMC, he had almost 30 years of progressive finance experience.  He was a senior finance leader at Walt Disney World for almost 20 years, after providing advanced corporate financial analysis at Toys “R” Us and Arthur Andersen.  During his time at Disney, Mr. Dottino was responsible for complex financial valuations such as theme parks expansions, new resort development, cruise fleet expansions and the My Magic+ initiative.

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Tony Dottino

USA Memory Championship Founder and President

Tony Dottino founded the USA Memory Championship in November 1997. He has the conviction that each of us has the potential for far greater intellectual achievements than we ever thought possible. The USA Memory Championship emerged as an ideal venue for raising public awareness about memory and its critical role as the foundation for all our mental abilities.

In 1993, Tony launched the Florida based Dottino Consulting Group, which specializes in creativity, culture change, brain-to-brain communication, and process innovation. He has co-authored two books, The BrainSmart Leader (1999) and Grass Roots Leaders: The BrainSmart Revolution in Business (2007), both which provide practical instruction by applying knowledge of how the brain works to improve business results.

Tony has been featured in the New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Business News, USA Today, Newsweek, Vogue, and Human Capital magazines, as well as on television and radio programs. Tony has adapted these skills to the health care industry and is teaching health care providers how to utilize these skills to improve patient care and their hospital experience.

Tony is currently collaborating with neuroscientists from Princeton, Columbia, and MIT on a research study about memory techniques and their impact on the brain.

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Endorsed by Jim Karol

As Seen on the Tonight Show, the Ellen Show, and the Today Show

Jim Karol has gone from a Pennsylvania steel worker to becoming one of the most EXTRAORDINARY MINDS in the world!

Jim has been seen by millions of people from his numerous appearances on the Tonight Show, the Ellen Show, the Today Show, Howard Stern and NBC’s LIVE reality show, Phenomenon.

He has also held three Guinness World records and has made more than 3,000 appearances at college’s across the country, including an astonishing 67 engagements at the United States Military Academy.

Jim has become a regular speaker at many other prestigious places like the Pentagon, MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research and dozens of military bases around the globe. He has also appeared at the Invictus Games, the Warrior Games and traveled to Walter Reed Medical Center with the USO each month, helping wounded warriors with Invisible Wounds (PTSD).

Some of Jim’s amazing abilities include knowing more than 80,000 Zip Codes, thousands of digits of Pi, the Scrabble dictionary, Sports Almanacs, hundreds of Science and Medical Journals and thousands of other facts!

He can tell you the day of the week for EVERY DATE, all the way back to 1AD and can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute!

Jim is the author of three books and has a publishing deal with St. Martins Press for his NEW book “Ultimate Memory Magic”, which will be released in September, 2019.