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Maximum Memory = Peak Performance

When it comes to creativity, problem-solving, or learning new information, your brain has the potential to be the highest performing vehicle on the planet.  Has anyone ever taught you how to get peak performance from its engine?

We have all spent years of our lives studying how to master professional and recreational skills.  How many of us have spent even a day learning how to optimize our brain’s performance?

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Neuroscience tells us that without the proper application of memory principles, almost 90% of what we learn is forgotten within one week.  It’s called the “forgetting curve” and its implications are frightening.  Most of our time and effort invested in personal development is being wasted because new knowledge and skills are forgotten before becoming locked into long-term memory.

As someone who is determined to achieve your goals in life, consider the future time and money you plan to invest to grow your knowledge and skill base. 

Even a tiny improvement of 10% in your recall would result in doubling the knowledge you retain.  Our program is designed to help you far exceed that level of performance.

Develop your maximum memory and you turbocharge the return on investment from every training investment you make for the rest of your life!

What if you developed a master memory and perfected the skills to lock new information into your long-term memory?  How would that transform your life?

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  • You’d become a master influencer because you are always current on developments in your field and have a reputation as a subject matter expert.   People will seek out your opinion and guidance on important issues.

  • You’d be a master networker because you’d recall the name and face of every new person you meet.  You will enjoy social gatherings because of the fun that comes from making so many new acquaintances!

  • You’d become a master presenter because of the self-confidence that comes from knowing your content.  Your audience will notice how effortlessly you can speak “off the cuff” when necessary, and how memorable your presentations have become.

  • You’d build instant rapport with people because you could immediately recall detailed personal information they’ve previously shared with you.  You’ll become an expert icebreaker and connector of people because you’ll have earned their trust and can match up their interests and skills!

When we talk to people about memory, so many give us reasons for why they would like to strengthen theirs.           Do any of these statements sound familiar?

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  • “As I get older, I’m worried I will lose my mental edge!”

  • “I avoid meeting new people because I’m afraid I will forget the person’s name!”

  • “I read extensively to stay on top of developments in my field; I wish I could remember more of what I’ve read!”

  • To remain active in my profession, I’m required to take continuing education.  The rate of change seems to increase each year, and the amount of new information seems overwhelming!”

  • “To make more money or get a promotion, I have to take a certification exam or return to school for an advanced degree.  Taking tests stresses me out because I study so hard but during the exam I can’t remember what I studied!”

  • “I get so nervous giving presentations.  I’m always worried that I will forget what I want to say and embarrass myself!”


Maximum Memory Mastery (M3) is your solution!  It was specifically designed to help people improve their memories in a way that provides immediate real-life benefits.  How would you like to:

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  • Keep your brain cognitively fit so that you maximize your brain’s health!

  • Help you becomes such a master at remembering someone’s name and face that you actually look forward to meeting new people!

  • Refine your skills in becoming a subject matter expert by maximizing your recall of everything you read!

  • Teach you accelerated learning techniques so that you remember 50% more of what you’ve learned using 50% less effort!”

  • Give you the knowledge you need to become a test master, using memory rhythms to help you become the ultimate student!

  • Show you memory techniques that will aid you in giving powerful presentations that are both memorable to you and your audience!

M3’s creators are the founder and the CFO of the USA Memory Championship, and the curriculum is based on their 20 years of experience teaching memory methods to students and business professionals.  While developing this course, they collaborated with the neuroscience department at MIT to ensure the program included only scientifically based methods for improving memory.

Maximum Memory Mastery Course Content

M3 is an online course that consists of 5 hours of video instruction, 40 lessons, and 500 pages of content.

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1) Course Introduction and Overview

  • Welcome video

  • Quick Reference Guide

  • Table of Contents

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2) Brain Fundamentals

  • Brain’s biology and the process of forming new thoughts and ideas

  • The power of linking, connecting, and associating new inputs

  • Nutrition and brain health

  • Identifying cortical skills

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3) Foundations of Memory

  • The role of our five senses in forming memories

  • Strategies to optimize the performance of memory

  • Factors that impact memory

  • Memory Rhythms

  • Tips for maximizing recall

  • Moving data from short-term memory to long-term memory

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4) Memory Methods (and when we use them)

  • Loci methods of Roman Room and Journey Method (lists, sequence)

  • Image method (numbers and playing cards)

  • Major System/Peg System (numbers and lists)

  • Homophones (names, presentations)

  • Skimming/Chunking (accelerated learning, names and faces, presentations)

  • Mind Mapping (accelerated learning, presentations)

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5) Remembering Lists/Standard Operating Procedures

  • Using the Roman Room and Journey Method

  • Remembering a list of words

  • Remembering a checklist

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6) Master Networker

  • Remembering faces

  • 10 unique features of a face

  • Remembering names

  • Combining a name with a face

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7) Master Influencer

  • Meet Hank Wilson and Henry Halloway

  • Capturing key personal information with a mind map

  • Keys to becoming a subject matter expert

  • Skimming, chunking, and accelerated learning

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8) Remembering Numbers

  • Image Method

  • Create your own image library

  • Major System

  • Rhyming Method

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9) Presentations

  • Creating a presentation using Memory Rhythms, Skimming, Chunking, and Key Words

  • Adding data from the 5 senses to make presentations memorable

  • Mind mapping the presentation

  • Using memory methods to prepare for an interview

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10) Takeaways

  • Key takeaways

  • 25 question final exam

Bonus Content

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Bonus 1) Case studies

  • using memory and improved sales

  • using memory to increase influence

  • memory rhythms and understanding guest satisfaction survey results

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Bonus 2)  Memorizing a deck of cards

  • Hearts

  • Spades

  • Diamonds

  • Clubs

  • Using a Roman Room to remember the order

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Bonus 3)  History of the USA Memory Championship

  • Introduction by Tony Dottino, the founder of the USA Memory Championship

  • Tony explains the link between memory and creativity

  • Tony shares his passion for memory training and its life-changing potential

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Bonus 4)  Using the Roman Room to create and deliver presentations

  • Preparing the presentation by using skimming, chunking, keywords and the 5 senses

  • Delivering a presentation using a Roman Room

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Bonus 5) Enter the USA Memory Championship!

  • What is the USA Memory Championship?

  • Who normally competes in the event?

  • What is the competition like?

  • How to register for the USA Memory Championship

  • Visit the website at

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Buy with confidence because of our 30 days return policy!

Within 30 days from your date of purchase of Maximum Memory Mastery, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

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